Tuesday, 10 October 2017

  Tuesday 10/10/2017 

  • 47237 = 5Z73 0420 Southall Depot-Southend East via Shoeburyness/ 1Z73 0906 Southend East-Gloucester to Hanwell Bridge Loop (steam loco forward)/ 0Z74 1134 Hanwell Bridge Loop-Southall Depot/ 0Zxx Southall Depot-Swindon-Hanwell Bridge Loop/ 1Z75 1735 Gloucester-Southend East from Hanwell Bridge Loop to Barking and terminated due to late running caused by steam loco issues/ 5Zxx xxxx Barking-Southall Depot.

  • 47746/760=Southall. 47749=Mossend Yard. 47828=Old Oak Common.

  • New workings have been added today to various pages in the Archive Section with thanks to BigBird.
    A full list of the new workings / updates can be found on the Recently Added Gen page
    thanks for news today: Crumb, Nick Scott.