Wednesday, 26 July 2017

  Wednesday 26/07/2017 

  • 47237 + steam t'n't = 5Z66 0620 Southall Depot-Victoria(237)/ 1Z67 0843 Victoria-Weymouth(steam)/ 1Z69 1635 Weymouth-Waterloo(237 to Southampton then steam)/ 5Z71 2135 Waterloo-Southall Depot(237).

    47237=Southall. 47749=Polmadie.

  • Today's test run with 47772 has been cancelled.

  • 47739 moved from the COLO to the COLS stored pool on Friday.

  • 47771 has reappeared on TOPS. It is in the DHLT pool with 47811/816/830. It had moved in to the pool by 30/03/17 when it was at Southampton Maritime waiting for a transfer to Eastleigh via Freightliner for repair works to commence for a private owner (preservationist).
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